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Home Refinance Basics You Need To Know

Learn about the major factors that affect a successful home loan refinance.

What Time To Lock Your Rate?

Take a look in to what makes up a mortgage refinance rates and when to "Lock" your program.

Where To Find The Lowest Refinance Mortgage Rates?

Check out these Lender Offers for honest low rate and closing cost loan options.

Who Really Has Low Refinance Closing Costs?

Learning the basics of refinance closing costs will help you to find the best deal when comparing multiple quotes.

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Home Refinance Made Simple
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The Refinance Tool Box - Helping People to Refinance

Refinance Toolbox

Tips on how to find Low Mortgage Refinance Rates and Closing Costs 
for your next Home Loan


Mortgage Refinancing - Your Insiders Guide


The Refinance Tool Box was developed to provide refinance home loan tools and mortgage information for people wanting to learn more about mortgage refinancing. We also give homeowners access to lenders offering low current mortgage refinance rates and closing costs.

You now have an insiders guide to learn about refinancing home loans, debt consolidation, and the home equity loan process, in an easy to understand format.

Just entering current mortgage refinance rates into mortgage calculators is not the goal here. Locating competitive current home loan rates and low closing costs is step one.

Understanding the financial impact and benefit of the home loan refinancing programs for which you qualify is step two, and the key.

We want your next home loan or debt consolidation mortgage to create the best financial scenario for you and your family. Refinancing is a huge decision and the more you know, the better for you.

Happy family at the refinance toolbox

It's easy to become overwhelmed with competing ads for refinance rates, home loan terms, refinancing buzz words, and the large number of mortgage refinance loan types on the market today.

No Fear! Refinancing a home loan follows a logical process that should not intimidate.

If you are searching for a low competitive fixed rate mortgage refinance , mortgage calculators, mortgage rates predictions, or a place to learn about the entire mortgage refinancing process, you have found the right place.

You will learn that refinance rate quotes are only one part of the home loan refinancing process.


Good Refi Programs vs Bad Mortgage Deals

Here, we hope to give you an understanding of the mortgage refinance and debt consolidation home loan world from the inside.

Choosing the wrong lender can cost you thousands

You will learn about the common home mortgage refinancing programs on the market and how refinance home loans are qualified. We will also go over refinance credit basics, including credit score impact on mortgages, and explain how to find refinancing lenders who really have competitive low current mortgage refinance rates and programs. Also, you will learn what actually makes up current market mortgage refinance rates.

A deep look into refinance closing costs will give you the insight needed to make comparisons between competing mortgage refinance lenders.

In the very least, we hope to arm you with the refinancing knowledge necessary to ask the right questions and to make an informed decision about your new refinance loan.


Lesson 1: Not All Mortgage Refinancing Professionals and Lenders
are Created Equal

Unfortunately, the current refinance mortgage marketplace is filled with advertising that borders on deception, preying upon the uninformed. The home refinancing industry also has its share of fast- talking loan officers spewing outright false low-ball current mortgage rate quotes just to get you hooked.

Just as bad, are the inexperienced loan officers with little or no clue how to qualify the refinance home loan they just sold! Don't misunderstand, there are many experienced and reputable mortgage brokers and loan officers that provide honest and competitive refinance rate quotes and home loan refinancing program choices.

Learn to spot bad deals

We just want to make you aware that there are companies and individuals in the home loan refinance business that may not have your best interest at heart.


Learning About Mortgage Refinancing
How Do I Start?

We have developed this refinancing site to build progressively on the subject matter. We suggest that you start out by clicking on the topics under the Refinance Menu Button of the tool bar and then work your way down through "Loan Types", "Credit Basics ", etc.

Before you begin..

Ask yourself one important question. "What is the purpose or goal for my refinance home loan?" I know, I know, this sounds too obvious, but you would be surprised how many people apply for home loan refinance mortgages without clear objectives in mind. There are many beneficial reasons for mortgage refinancing:

          • Lower Mortgage Refinance Rates
          • Lower Monthly Payment
          • Switch from Adjustable to Low Fixed Rate Mortgage
          • Home Improvement Project
          • Get Cash Out
          • Reduce Number of Monthly Mortgage Payments
          • Shorten Mortgage Term
          • Increase Credit Score
          • Larger Mortgage Interest Tax Deduction
          • Investment Opportunity
          • Vacation
          • Tuition

The list could go on and on, but I think you get the point. There can be one, or a number of goals that you have for your home loan refinance, and these goals will help you to narrow in on the mortgage refinancing program to achieve your objective for immediate and long-term financial benefit.

Thanks for stopping by! We hope you find our mortgage refnance information helpful. Our goal is to arm you with the home refinance tools and information you need to become better informed about the mortgage refinancing process.

Remember, you need more than just a mortgage calculator and current mortgage refinancing rates to get the greatest benefit for your new home loan!


Do You Have any Quick Jumpstart Information
for Mortgage Refinancing?

Glad you asked!

For those that are refinancing their mortgage now and want a Quick Jumpstart into the workings of refinance home loans, take a look through our "Hot Tips" refinance mortgage loan sections relating to the Three Most Asked-About and Important Topics for Refinancing Homeowners:

          • Refinance Closing Costs and the Bottom Line
          • When to Lock Your Refinance Mortgage Rate
          • What You Need to Know about Refinance Pre-Qualification

Quick jumpstart hot tips on mortgage refinancing.

Mortgage Refinancing Hot Tips

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Capital Region NY residents now have a new choice for their homeowners insurance in Albany NY.


Need Help With Your 
Refinance Home Loan?

We Do Things Differently!

When you submit a request for a Free Mortgage Refinance Rates Quote with the Refinance ToolBox, you get One Call, from your assigned mortgage refinancing professional, thus avoiding the hassle from the 10's to 100's of calls you will receive from the other typical "Free Mortgage Rates Quote" sites.

Instead of the offer for competing refinance lenders to contact you individually, we shop the lender's mortgage refinance rates for you, and zero-in on the most beneficial programs offered for your specific home loan scenario!

Contact the refinance toolbox toolbox for great rates!

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